Jaymz Nylon Back To Raw with NI Maschine…

Sometimes to much technology can take us away from the raw emotion and the instant need to be artistically feed. With that said I picked up Native Instruments Maschine a few days ago and love it!!! Years ago I sold my MPC and Roland SP-808 that was used on my first Album “Afrotech” on Irma records back in 2000 it’s now such a pleasure to to get back to raw with Maschine.
I am totally smitten with it’s power, grace and ease. So excited that I have started to record the sequel to “Afrotech”, “Afrotech 2.0″…

Create tight rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments with MASCHINE – the highly enjoyable instrument that combines a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, multi-effect unit and VST/AU plug-in host. Everything is intuitively controllable via the fully integrated hardware – once you touch the tactile controller the fun and intuitive workflow takes over, allowing you to stay focused on what matters – the music.

MASCHINE integrates easily into your computer-based studio set-up. Use the hardware controller to find, load and play sounds, automate parameters and arrange patterns on the fly. Combine this with the ability to control and sequence all of your external hardware instruments, or switch to MIDI mode to control other software.

After quickly and intuitively developing your ideas, drag and drop your patterns as MIDI or audio files directly into your DAW to finalize and mix your production. You’ll soon realize MASCHINE is a powerhouse capable of revolutionizing the way you make music.

MASCHINE is fast becoming the ultimate performance tool for creative musicians. The MASCHINE controller is super-sturdy yet easily portable, the highly responsive pads and endless rotary knobs are addictively playable, while the two backlit displays keep you informed of what’s going on – perfect for any club or stage.

Use MASCHINE as an instrument for performing your own tracks, or sync it with other gear like TRAKTOR PRO 2 to add more dynamics to your live set.

MASCHINE comes with over 6 GB of ready-to-use, professional and inspiring sounds. Create rhythms and melodies right away with the included drum kits, one-shot samples, basses, synths and acoustic instruments – all fully tagged for easy browsing.

MASCHINE now also includes KOMPLETE ELEMENTS worth $59 / 49 €, providing more than 1,000 stunning sounds drawn from the flagship KOMPLETE 7, opening a world of styles and flavors ready for use in your productions.