Junodownload -Exclusive Nylon Trax Album Release Today May 27, 2011: Juan De Dios & Stephen Kells Unfamous Cuts LP

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Nylon Trax Album Release Today May 27, 2011: Juan De Dios & Stephen Kells Unfamous Cuts LP

Prepare yourself for a daring excursion into the deep, the tribal, and the evocative sound-spells from the Argentinian duo of Juan De Dios and Stephen Kells. Hailing from the metropolitan city of Rosario, Juan had contacted legendary NYC-based producer Jaymz Nylon with some early tracks in hand. Intrigued by the nuanced, heart-felt vibe Jaymz asked the pair to keep the music coming … and soon he was faced with Unfamous Cuts, a quality-filled eleven track album now released on his own Nylon Trax label.
Unfamous Cuts LP represents 11 tracks ranging from dark and mysterious dub to techno-tinged, atmospheric deepness as well as some lighter, downtempo moments. It’s an intense storm of sound, with a restrained technique that’s both raw and modern taking the listener on a unique musical journey. Here you’ll find “Kerana,” an ingenious and indigenous trip taking you deep as a seductive female voice acts as your guide, as well as “Rodox,” a groovy joint with a heavy foot on the floor balanced by soft synths and melodic hooks. With “Swinger Club” think of a mean Detroit track that relentlessly forces you to fall in love and yet you go willingly. Nasty, dirty and loving. “Le Seigneur Solitaire Des Mers” is cinematic, beautiful and spacious .. it’s the sound of being broken hearted again and again. You’ll also find “Hot Nights,” which is house music for any setting with sprinkles of jazz and afro-latin percussion, and the mysterious “Enter The Room,” which comes across as the perfect balance of all the styles presented here and will transcend across many dance floors. A crucial selection … rewind!

International Support:

Diz Washington – Vizual Recordings / Classic Music Company
“A great way to begin a hot night, surely!!! Respect!”

Les Wright (Lofty) – The Sunday Alternative – Ambersound FM
“Very interesting. I will fit one or two or… of these into a radio broadcast soon. Cheers Lofty”

Al Bradley – Bugged Out / 3AM Recordings / Audiotonic / Chemical Warfare
“A great variety of beats & grooves here, the picks for me from a playing point of view are ‘Rodox’ which is superb & shimmering with class & ‘Enter The Room’ which is a great mood-setting vibe for early on in the night, but as an overall package, this really is tasty!”

Alexi Delano – AD Limited / Clink / Tronic Soundz

Orde Meikle – Slam / Soma ” Cool LP”

DJ Nori(Japan)-Posivision mag / MSN Beat culturte
“Sounds cool, feel relax!! ”

Aubrey – Solid Groove / Textures / Dark/Skudge/Komplex de Deep
” WICKED :)”

Robert Owens – Compost / Worldwide Various

TJ Norris-Resident Advisor (reviewer) / Igloo Magazine
“Great conceptual package. These tracks flow like one long story”

Benji Candelario -Transistori Music / Various
“Good Vibe!”


Chris Duckenfield – Swag / TONIC Show / Binge & Purge
“Gorgeous cuts on here – Bravo !”

Sean Johnston – Hardway Bros / History Clock
“Love this – just the right side of deepness”

Kenny Summit -Soul Giants
“Awesome… quality deep, uplifting stuff. feel good music for the soul. thanks for the promo!”

Mark John – Australia
“Lovely music”

Chris Udoh – Tigerhook / Various
“Dope Tracks !!”

Joey Silvero (Distant People) – Distant People Mix Show / Foliage / Seamless
“Cool ,minimal, laid and seriously deadly!”

Danny Ward – Dubble D / Moodymanc / 2020:Vision
“Great stuff…..really like em all!”

Grant Paterson – Edinburgh Evening News (reviewer)
“Nice laidback house grooves, will play”

Jota Wagner – Colors Party / Discotheque Radio / D-Edge Club, Brazil
“Well happy for 5starring a promo recently! such a briliant atmosphere work we have here… music that says something. support.”

Dino Michael – Good Hope FM / Godfathers House Radio Show, South Africa
“Absolutely love this! Full support on my show and in the clubs!! Cant wait to play this!!”

Velanche – Urban Landscapes Radioshow / KCPR 91.3 FM
“Outstanding EP with no fillers here; diverse sounds and soulful vibes throughout. Great release for Nylon Trax!”

Makossa – Radio FM4 / Makossa & Megablast
“Nice deep vibes”

Marc Lacasse – Urbnet / Jackhouse Reviewer / UMFM 101.5
“The spontaneous and creative forces of deep emerging sounds reveal a light of change for electronic listeners everywhere, a nice change for the usual organice/lo fi grooves.”

SimonG (Deep South Audio) – Volcano Radio / 0fm / Mu Bar
“A very smooth selection of tunes .. All sporting excellent production skills .. and will all floe together like a river.”

Sven Jacobsen – ZYX Music / Nova Radio
“Very nice one :-) good mood music.”

DJ Electric – bizasonica FM (Ibiza) / Club FM (Macedonia) / Proton Radio / Deepology Digital
“Very nice!”

Milly De Mori – MillyBar Weekly Radio Show On Radio M2O (Italy) / Sound Selective Records
“Will support it via my radio show MILLYBAR. XXX”

Brewster Brigham – Kiss FM, Australia
“Kooky…. yes please!!”

DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) – Bounce House Recordings / Digitally Imported Radio (House Channel Programmer)
“Really good debut LP on this label. Feeling Rodox.”

Paddy Freeform – Universal Vibes Radioshow / SSRadio / Life FM
“Nice music, radio support.”

Laurent N. – 8 Monthly Radio Shows: Nice 102.3 FM / House Nation Radio
“Nice atmosphere on each tracks. Really good tracks. I will play them for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!!”

Richie Hartness – untitledmusic – radio shows/blog
“Great to hear something a bit more out there – cool stuff!”

Edground – Grooveland Music / 99 FM
“Its very nice. Deep, percussive, dark and groove. Love it.”

Corin Arnold (ed2000) – Solar Lounge / Spindler+Klatt / BLN.FM / Dangerous Drums
“Cool release . all the trax are strong and i will support all of them.”

Joan Ribas – Ibiza Soulstice Music/ Hotel Pacha / Cafe del Mar
“Superb downtemo groove.”

Adam Vicious – Strictly House Sessions: SSRadio UK + 6 other stations
“Nice one!!! thanks!”

Mastering in Your Home Studio…

Mastering is just as important as creating the music.You want your music to sound as best as possible in a multitude of listening environments. I had no idea of what mastering involved in my beginning years as a young producer, with my shear lack of knowledge I relied on record labels to do the mastering for me. In the current state of the music industry musicians are self releasing music and need mastering solutions that suite their immediate needs.

I have just installed Wave Complete V8 and look forward to experiencing my own lil’ mastering session in the near future.
But remember Waves or any other plug-ins are just tools not mastering, mastering is the process of making your music sound the best as possible.

Below I have added a video from ?Home Recording Boot Camp TV? and this cat totally breaks down starting with the history of mastering. I also added another video that keeps things really showing you another side of the mastering coin…

?Mastering Music: Professional vs Amatuer?