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DJ Jaymz Nylon – Adult Selections Podcast #032 Live @ Passage 7-19-13 Part 2

This was recorded live at Passage, Seattle’s HQ for Soulful House Music.
Passage, a weekly journey into the deeper more soulful side of House Music. Resident DJs aka 3 Brothers Deep: Jaymz Nylon, Joey Webb and Vagabond Super Star…
Jaymz launched Nylon Trax Radio and the Adult Selections Radioshow as an extension of his lifestyle by choosing music that feels good and not guided by trends. Music selection should be guided by our senses like the desire you feel for your lover, the quality of garments you choose or the selection of great food.


DJ Jaymz Nylon – Adult Selections Podcast #032 Live @ Passage 7-19-13 Part 2

Nick Holder – Electronic Love (Main Mix) – DNH Records
Felo Le Tee feat. Mxizo – Last Night – Nylon Trax Pre-Promo
DJ Stax – Uhambo (Afro Spirit Mix) –
Ron Allen – Affrica – Wordz (Original Mix) – Strobe
Zothea & The House Fyns – Special Love (Ten83 Dub) – Peng Africa
Zothea & The House Fyns – Special Love (Ten83 Afrocentric City Full Vox) – Peng Africa
Mr Boogie – Slave Trade (DJ Pyper Remix) – Open Bar Music
Josi Chave – Zweli – Shame On You (Main)26 -DNH
Manoo – Kromosome X – BBE
Timmy Regisford – Lynn Lockamy – At The Club (Claude Monnet Remix) – Tribe Records
Romanthony – Bring U Up (PBR Streetgang Remix) – Glasgow Underground
Leandro P. Feat. Anthony Poteat – Take Control (Nigel one Remix) – Nylon Trax Pre-Promo
Jonathan Meyer – Billie Jean – Breathe (Main Mix) – Super Soul Music
Patrick Khuzwayo – L’t Adams – Listen To Your Mind (Original Mix) – Atal
Kings Of Tomorrow – April – Fall For You (Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix) – Defected
Tracy Hamlin – Got to Be Strong (Giovanni Ikome & Frankie Foncett Hardbody Vocal Mix) – Quantize Recordings
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Send A Prayer (Part.2) – MCDE Recordings
Deejaykul – Dream Deep – Atjazz Record Company
Alci – Early Beginnings Part 2 – 1989 – Robsoul
EnaWadan – Forever (Atjazz Astro Remix) – Ocha
LTS – Real Love (Nathan G Luv 2 London Mix) – LuvBug
Luis Radio & Spellband – Marino (Original IPM Mix) – TS Crates
Ron Trent – Kids At Play (Original Mix) – Electric Blue
Ron Allen – Chach – Wunder Y (Dino & Terry Remix) – Strobe
Angel Rize & Massive!-Sweet Life(Bruno Browning Low Crawl Mix) – Artefact Records


Processing Vessel – House Passion EP (Nylon Trax) – Promo

Coming Soon From Nylon Trax
1. House Passion
2. House Passion (Salih Kilic Remix)
3. House Passion (Jaymz Nylon Remix)
4. The Moment That Makes The Music
5. The Moment That Makes The Music (Tobsen Graale Remix)

The prolific deep house label Nylon Trax has teamed up with Turkish-born, San Diego DJ / producer Processing Vessel aka Murat Vural to deliver the aptly named House Passion EP. Nylon Trax head honcho Jaymz Nylon joins international crew members Salih Kilic (Turkey) and Tobsen Graale (Germany) in adding three unique but concordant remixes full of desirous accoutrements and plenty of warm tones and classic house conviction. “House Passion” kicks things off emphatically, introducing a simple but quintessential house kit. Reminiscent of the romantic house sentiments built up in the title track, “The Moment That Makes The Music” seamlessly carries on in a similar direction, supplementing an eclectic vocal for added effect. Jaymz Nylon flips the star of the show, “House Passion,” beautifully, anchoring his version with a slow, wooden-sounding drum track. Easily the most linear of the three, Salih Kilic’s adroit, big-room remix will absolutely be a pertinent piece of ammo to spice up any and all peak time scenarios. Last but not least, Tobsen Graale (Paper Jet Recordings, Tanzbar Musik) imbues “The Moment That Makes The Music” with a distinctly German touch, chock-full of dashing layered samples and fizzing, wiry synthesizer lines.

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via: La Gaîté
From June 21 to August 25, 2013 / All public
Tags: art , street art , sculpture , urban culture , musicFriday, June 21 (14:00), Saturday, June 22 (14:00), Sunday, June 23 (14:00) Tuesday, June 25th (14:00), Wednesday, June 26th (14:00), Thursday, June 27 (14 : 00) Friday, June 28th (14:00), Saturday, June 29th (14:00), Sunday, June 30th (14:00), Tuesday, July 2 (14:00), Wednesday, July 3 (14:00), Thursday July 4 (14:00), Friday, July 5 (14:00), Saturday, July 6 (14:00), Sunday, July 7 (14:00) Tuesday, July 9th (14:00), Wednesday, July 10 (14: 00) Thursday, July 11th (14:00), Friday, July 12th (14:00), Saturday, July 13th (14:00), Sunday, July 14 (14:00) Tuesday, July 16th (14:00), Wednesday 17 July (14:00) Thursday, July 18th (14:00), Friday, July 19th (14:00), Saturday, July 20th (14:00), Sunday, July 21 (14:00) Tuesday, July 23 (14:00 ), Wednesday, July 24 (14:00) Thursday, July 25th (14:00), Friday, July 26th (14:00), Saturday, July 27th (14:00), Sunday, July 28 (14:00) Tuesday, July 30 (14:00), Wednesday, July 31 (14:00), Thursday, August 1 (14:00), Friday, August 2 (14:00), Saturday, August 3 (14:00), Sunday, Aug. 4 (14:00) , Tuesday, August 6 (14:00), Wednesday, August 7 (14:00), Thursday, August 8 (14:00) Friday, August 9th (14:00), Saturday, August 10 (14:00), Sunday, Aug. 11 ( 14:00), Tuesday, August 13 (14:00), Wednesday, August 14 (14:00), Thursday, August 15 (14:00), Friday, August 16 (14:00), Saturday, August 17 (14:00) Sunday, August 18 (14:00) Tuesday, August 20 (14:00), Wednesday, August 21 (14:00), Thursday, August 22 (14:00), Friday, August 23 (14:00), Saturday, August 24 (14 : 00), Sunday, August 25 (14:00)

© Pierre Mahieu
Via the wave Sound System, Say Watt guide the visitor to his Jamaican debut to his extrapolations in contemporary art, through his contributions to culture Do It Yourself.

The sound system, the portable sound system, mobile disco … The terms are different, the constant remains: the street who invented this musical expression. Rave party in Europe with protests from Kingston to Belem, from France to Colombia to Kenya, huge readers K7 rappers, the amplified sound of the sound systems is the common point of the last decades of music and popular gatherings.
And what began as a traveling disco in Jamaican ghettos in American cellars 50s revolutionized the way of listening to music. Radically different cultures have since adopted this cult object, appropriating through many hacks.
The sound system also has the distinction of having been, over the years and needs an artistic, religious and political speaker. For the first time an exhibition addresses a technological component at the root of all contemporary urban music and has contributed to the emergence of major musical movements. But not only by appropriating in the codes, many contemporary artists have come, over time, they also bring their vision of “sound system culture,” questioning the colonization of public space through sound.

The Jah Observer

Extract from the photo series “Last Dance in Notting”
(Credit: Patrick Gherdoussi)


Where it raises its speakers, the sound system culture is still a phenomenon at the margin, poorly known, unknown, drawing its origins in a need for the street. This introduction to the exhibition is a visual approach not wolf, sound and “philosophical” of what this mysterious culture underground. Totem facade Sound Garden Tal Isaac Hadad in editing images by obsessive collectors of photos on Facebook, ambulation will discover seven illustrations photo appropriations of sound system in the world with a giant slide, d apprehend what is meant to distance the walls of Berlin club Berghain with Soundwalk Collective, but also to discover a bustling and unique visual communication through dancehall ultra-cult Jamaican Denzil “Sassa” Naar posters and flyers old rap pioneer Buddy Esquire school.
With: Denzil “Sassa” Naar (flyers), Buddy Esquire (posters), Tal Isaac Hadad (installation-sculpture Sound Garden), Soundwalk Coll ective (install sound ation), Alex Smailes (photos), Wilfrid Esteve (photos), Katie Callan (photos), Mirjam Wirz (photos), Vincent Rosenblatt (photos), Patrick Gherdoussi (photos)

From the series “Rub a Dub Style”
(Credit: Beth Lesser)


Say Watt? makes in this second step of the way to Jamaica supported a tribute to his knew rappers on local sound systems authentic icons of street culture, enhanced by photos of Beth Lesser, an adventurous Canadian who went document the bubbling scene in the slums of Kingston in the early 80s. At the same time, another artist does not know it yet, but it would be decades later cult of the illustrations, artful and hilarious, he at the time para dozens of albums, posters, books. His name? Limonious. Wilfred Limonious, died in 1999, but seeing emerge here as the first posthumous retrospective worthy of his prolific output.
With Beth Lesser (pictures rub-a-dub style) Limonious (pack of records and memorabilia), Lick It Back (Installation vintage sound system King Tubby’s Hometown Hi Fi).


Photo montage series “The Boombox Project”, 2010
(Credit: Lyle Owerko)

Named after the character in the Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing, which can not move without his giant radio station, the third sequence of exposure carries logically epic in the Bronx, figuratively and quite literally, since whom history has chosen as the first rapper, Kool Herc, is a … Jamaican immigrant in New York! On the menu, the cult around boomboxes so dear to Raheem, photographed with the respect of relics by Lyle Owerko, tribute to block-parties, the street parties that saw the birth of the hip hop movement, by sculptor JYB but what remains today of the first house of rap, at 1520 Sedgwick, by photographer John Short …
With Lyle Owerko (Photos – The Boombox Project), John Short (Photos Home of Hip-Hop) JYB (Sculptures – The Merry Go Round).


Installation “Ikea Sound System” by David Renault, 2012
(photo credit: Mathieu Tremblin)

It was predictable: so cool, so shitty, so reprenable to his own account, the imaging dancehall and hip hop debut ended up doing around the world, inspired by nature, by the way, many proponents artists Do It Yourself, willing to pay a tribute to how folk art which has since become a culture of its own.
The bike amentities speaker Tchic Boom Boom made in Toulouse is a prime example. As are the sound system cardboard mown Mexican Dub Iration who, unable to afford the real equipment, reproduce trompe l’oeil to give the thrill of being at the Notting Hill Carnival, or Ikea sound David Renault system, whistleblower ready-to-eat – but decided to embellish!
With: The Toolkit (Installation – Tchic Boom Boom) Dub Iration (Installation – Iration Dub) David Renault (Installation – Ikea sound system).


“Squeeeque” Installing Alexis O’Hara
(photo credit: design-photo.com)

Room for experimentation. Very direct, as in the small soundproof room where Watts is diffuse full amps, very fun, like the sonic igloo of the Canadian Alexis O’Hara, sometimes tinged with concern about or more political . As an airlock videos implementation vibrations of metal structures by Art Of Failure warn that sometimes the experience can get out of control, becoming a quasi-military weapon (sonic radar Mark Bain), or a means of coercion while short, as shown in the film Yeter Akyaz Volcler and Juliet, produced specially for Say Watt? around the book of the latter, The Sound As Weapon.
With: Mark Bain (Installation – Sonic Radar), Juliette Volcler and Yeter Akyaz (video / animation), Art Of Failure (Video Architecture resonant) Alexis O’Hara (Installation – Squeeeque).


The Gobelins School of Image

Animation, videos, photos, multimedia projects throughout the school year, in collaboration with the English label Scotch Bonnet Records, was given carte blanche to eight groups of students from the prestigious School of Visual Gobelins for create eight projects around the sound system culture. Their films will be screened at the Gaîté Lyrique in a special preview during the duration of Say Watt? and for a few selected concerts.
• Preview: Tuesday 2 July and 19.30 – free access to the auditorium
• continuously on the wall of the historic home on the second floor
• www.gobelins.fr