DJ Jaymz Nylon – Adult Selections #226

*Adult Selections Live will not be available in the U.S. market.
A Mixcloud upload of Adult Selections will be available at the same time as Friday’s broadcast and check Nylon Trax Radio on iTunes Podcast for free downloadable episodes
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Adult Selections
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DJ Jaymz Nylon – Adult Selections #226


Situation, Andre Espeut – Put the Rhythm in Your Life
Marlow, Pete Josef – Backroom (Erobique’s Maxi Mix)
Jon Sable – Dolphin Hotel
DJ Aakmael – Mood capacity
H@k, Chanelle, Eaze – Changes (Original Mix)
Kiko Navarro, HanLei, Album – Right On (Album Edit)
Gershon Jackson, Rona Ray, House Of Omni, Wipe The Needle – Raindance (Wipe The Needle Remix)
Intr0beatz – Your Piano (Original)
M.Caporale, Sean Ali, Pietro Nicosia – Lovely Day (Original Mix)
Ezel, Mateo Senolia – You Got Worked
Giorgio Luceri, Kai Alcé – Prophetic Vibes (Kai Alcé Remix)
Luis Luchetti_If_Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Reshape
Da Hit Makers – Murder (Da Hit Makers Afro WorkOut)
Dave Anthony, Loveascension8, Jackson Brainwave – Written In Stone (Written In Stone Jackson Brainwave Rub Remix)

Duration: 60 min
Local time:
Montreal/New York/Boston: 15:00
Los Angeles/Seattle: 12:00
London: 20:00
Paris/Berlin/Johannesburg: 21:00
Sydney/Melbourne: 06:00
Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires: 16:00
Tokyo: 04:00

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