Adult Selections #246 – Guest DJ Leandro P

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Adult Selections #246 – Guest DJ Leandro P

Playlist(All tracks featured are from the Nylon Trax catalog):

1. Ze feat. Jay Rodrigues – I Feel So Good (Jaymz Nylon Remix)
2. Max Telaer – Heart Voice (Original Mix)
3. Blames Brown – Leme Nights Of Pleasure (Original Mix)
4. Blames Brown – Skies Of Velvet (Original Mix)
5. Leandro P. feat. Devail – Sinta-se (Lusi Mel’s Deep Mix)
6. Samuel Sea – A Boy (Short Lived Mix)
7. Leandro P. feat. Jaymz Nylon – Let’s Stay In Tonight (Original Mix)
8. Luis Luchetti – If (Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Reshape)
9. Izzy La Vague – He Created Us To Be Free (You Dub Mix)
10. Glass Slipper – Release Me (Original Mix)
11. Izzy La Vague – Unfaithful Emotions (Original Mix)

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Duration: 60 min
Local time:
Montreal/New York/Boston: 15:00
Los Angeles/Seattle: 12:00
London: 20:00
Paris/Berlin/Johannesburg: 21:00
Sydney/Melbourne: 06:00
Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires: 16:00
Tokyo: 04:00

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