EarPeace – Protecting the Gift of Hearing…

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EarPeace comes with three plugs and a premium anodized aluminum case. We always offer FREE SHIPPING in the US on orders of two or more.

In need of higher levels of protection? Try our new HD Product.

The best ear plugs for loud entertainment. Guaranteed.

Live music, nightclubs, bars, even the movies are loud. Even uncomfortably loud. No more! EarPeace turns down the volume without distorting the sound. The sound is clear and crisp. EarPeace is very comfortable and virtually invisible. EarPeace are the best ear plugs for your entertainment experience.

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What: A sleek aluminum carrying case with three EarPeace ear plugs. The ear plugs are made of soft, strong, hypoallergenic silicone. They are reusable. Comfortable, discrete and the multiple skin tones make it personal. The durable carabiner will keep the cool case securely clipped to your go bag.

Why: It’s too loud! Maybe you use foam ear plugs right now. They are LoFi. grab EarPeace and go HiFi. As mono is to foam ear plugs, stereo is to EarPeace. The music will be crisp and clear. You will even be able to have conversations with your friends.

How: EarPeace is engineered to deliver the superior sound-quality and ultra low profile of custom ear plugs, at a fraction of the cost. The attenuation filters allow a small, precise amount of unobstructed sound to enter the ear. You get great sound at a lower volume and the background noise is filtered out.

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Where: Concerts, nightclubs, bars, parties, car races, arena games, the movies, and anywhere you need to protect your ears while still having a great time.

Who: Anyone who wants to hear clearly and leave a loud event without their ears ringing will love EarPeace. Also perfect for DJs, musicians, bartenders, and bouncers.

We built the best earplugs because you need them.

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The world is loud and getting louder. You probably live through honking and traffic, screeching subways, construction, fire engine sirens, and loud radios before you even get to work. We are all steadily being desensitized to how noisy our environments are. Layer extremely loud events like a music concert onto that and you are at real risk of noise induced hearing loss and / or tinnitus. We are singularly committed to your hearing health.

We are also singularly committed to your good time. Whether you want to keep going to see your favorite speed metal band, singing in the choir, dancing all night, or going to see the latest action film – we have you covered. EarPeace ear plugs are the best earplugs for your good time. EarPeace will improve your entertainment experience:

Hear all the high notes and your friend speaking to you while the music roars. Then leave without your ears ringing.
Comfortably wear EarPeace all night without them falling out of your ears.
Relax, no one knows you are wearing ear plugs. They are the color of your skin and disappear in your ear.
The patented ‘tab feature’ of the ear plugs allows you to easily insert the plug to the point where it ‘disappears’ and then remove the plug from the ear.
The durable carabiner will keep the cool case clipped to your key chain, gym bag or purse.
Pick up a pair of EarPeace and control the volume. Now get out there!

DJ Jaymz Nylon Recorded Live @ Passage 12/12/12

DJ Jaymz Nylon Recorded Live @ “Passage” 12/12/12 at ETG in Seattle, WA.
DJs Jaymz Nylon and Joey Webb turn this House into a Home every Wed. night
[ca_audio url=”http://nylonrecordings.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/DJ_Jaymz_Nylon-Live-at-Passage-12-12-12.mp3″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

Play List

Liquideep – Alone (Zakes Bantwini Mix) – Purple Music

Patrick Green – Nubian Prayer (Organic Mix) – Sofitone Recordings

Michel Cleis – Amaranthus –  Pampa Records

Tiko presents The Groove – Feel It feat Dawn Tallman (Instrumental) – Nervous

Mistura, Kendra Cash – Smile feat. Kendra Cash (Joey Negro Club Mix) – Z Records

A. Salih, PolyRhythm – Better Days (Original Mix) – Sole Channel

Armand Van Helden featuring Roland Clark – Flowerz – xmix

Blaze Presents Uda Feat. Barbara Tucker  – Most Precious Love – Acapella – Defected

Marlon D, Ultra Nate – God’s Message (Jose Carretas Mix) – Underground Collective

Black Coffee – Never Saw You Coming (feat. TSEPO Original Mix) –

Ralf GUM, Monique Bingham – Take Me To My Love (Raw Artistic Soul Minimal Dub) –  GOGO Music

Jimpster – These Times feat. Simon Jinadu –  Freerange

Lil’ Louis – Fable (Director’s Cut Classic Club Mix) – Lil Louis Painting

Marlon D, Ultra Nate – God’s Message (Marlon D’s Original Mix) – Underground Collective

Marlon D, Ultra Nate – God’s Message (Marlon D’s Underground Collective Mix) – Underground Collective

Marlon D, Ultra Nate – God’s Message (Marlon D’s Old School Mix) – Underground Collective

Erin Leah – Radio Billie Stereo Ella (N’Dinga Gaba Remix) – Quantize Recordings

Ree Morris – Fly With Me (DJ Christos Magic Session Mix) – House Afrika

Some have already referred to “Passage” as church, home or just a great event where they can move freely, removing the shackles from the daily grind and to share their love of the dance. 
DJ’s; Jaymz Nylon and Joey Webb’s well curated selections of the deep and soulful House Music is overflowing with their love and passion for the music. 
Upon entering “Passage” the listener will immediately feel welcome and a familiar warmth as now they have truly found their House Music Mecca…

Passage “a night of spiritual release…”


Well Rounded Sound…

Well Rounded Sound is a boutique company that provides music-lovers with the finest desktop speakers. This brand’s premium eco-friendly materials and refined speaker transducers result in fatigue-free sound; the speakers provide ultra fidelity performance that will astonish with transparency, detail retrieval and immense musicality. The designer, Jerry Cmehil, grew up in recording studios because his father was a radio anchor in Prague so he understands textural richness and high power volume. Usage of premium, eco-friendly materials and refined speaker transducers results in very natural sound. Speakers provide ultra fidelity performance that will astonish with transparency, detail retrieval and immense musicality. Loudspeakers are designed and manufactured in the USA. Green Note: To conserve natural resources our enclosures are fully recyclable and made from composite recyclable materials. We use top quality finishing materials that are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Our American Hardwoods come from sustainably harvested forests and our Bamboo Veneers and Solids are among the most natural, renewable materials on the market. All wood materials and finishes used in our products have an ultra-low VOC content. Our 100% New Zealand Wool Felt is fully recyclable, biodegradable,sustainable and a renewable material that is naturally moisture resistant with excellent acoustical properties. Well Rounded Sound strives to bring you the ultimate listening experience. We utilize the most advanced drivers with well-tuned enclosures and pure signal path philosophy. Our speakers are designed for music enthusiasts who value design purity, signal path purity and fine craftsmanship. Key Points: Pure Signal Path – Our speakers are connected directly to your amplifier ensuring the most direct, unaffected signal path. No binding posts. We include pure copper wiring in standard calibrated lengths for all of our desktop models. Pure Enclosure Design – Our enclosures are acoustically optimized and properly calibrated to give you the most natural pure sound. The very best natural materials are used for the finish. 100% natural New Zealand Wool Felt and Bamboo veneers and solids ensure pure, clean finish to satisfy the most stringent indoor air quality requirements and to give you the most natural finish available in the industry. Full Range Drivers – The most crucial element of our design philosophy is the utilization of Full range drivers that give the most natural, vivid and virtually holographic listening experience. Utilizing single full range drivers for a critical bandwidth from 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz has significant advantage in near-field listening. The sound is more coherent and lucent with tremendous musicality and liveliness.

DJ Jaymz Nylon – Adult Selections Radio Show #023

Jaymz launched Nylon Trax Radio and the Adult Selections Radioshow as an extension of his lifestyle by choosing music that feels good and not guided by trends. Music selection should be guided by our senses like the desire you feel for your lover, the quality of garments you choose or the selection of great food.

DJ Jaymz Nylon – Adult Selections Radio Show #023

ZE – Higher Feat. E.D. Body (Jaymz Nylon Afrotech Remix) – Nylon Trax

ZE – Let’s Go Feat. E.D. Body and Autum (Jaymz Nylon Remix) – Nylon Trax

Culoe De Song – Webaba – Innervisions

Mr. V – Go Downtown (Original Mix) – Muzik 4 Tomorrow

Deep House Maniacs, Siba – Cloud 9 (Tony Loreto Vocal Remix) – Deeper Shades Recordings

deepa grooves, Jemmalyn – Close My eyes (Atjazz More Than a Remix) – deepa grooves

Ashley Beedle, The Rising Sunz – Ricano Sunspots (Original Mix) – Henry Street Music

Flight Facilities – With You feat. Grovesnor (MAM Remix) – Bargrooves

Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band, Noelle Scaggs – Take It To The Top feat. Noelle Scaggs (Andreas Saag Remix) – Z Records

India, Peppe Citarella – Mamafrica (Citarella Dub Piano Mix) – Net’s Work International

JazzMattik, Boddhi Satva, Missum – And Other Worlds (Kai Alce Instrumental) – Mixed Signals

Kerri Chandler – Rain (Atjazz Remix) – Nervous

Louie Vega, Josh Milan – Thinking About Your Body (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) – Vega Records

Marbert Rocel – Let’s Take Off (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Vocal) – Compost

Nova Fronteira – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Sean McCabe Remix) – Soul love

For Jaymz Nylon DJ Bookings: bookings@nylonrecordings.com


GPS Brogues Can Actually Guide You Home After A Hard Night of Partying…

Via: Refinery29 By Jonathan M. Square
Never again will you have to aimlessly wander home after a night on the town. Inspired by the ruby slippers that transported Dorothy Gale back to Kansas in The Wizard of Oz, British designer Dominic Wilcox created a pair of red-soled brogues with a GPS embedded in the sole. With a literal click of your heels, the “No Place Like Home GPS Shoes” (yes, they’re really called that) can guide your feet to any desired locale on earth.

After the wearer uploads an address via a USB drive and custom mapping software, the GPS technology can be activated by tapping the heels together. LED lights on the tip of the right shoe guide the wearer in the appropriate direction, while the left communicates wirelessly with an antenna to track your progress.

Now, we’re just waiting for Wilcox to design a pair of wedges or stilettos (preferably covered in red sequins) with the same technology, so we can make our transformation into a tech-savvy Dorothy complete.

Repurposed Subwoofer Pet House / Side Table…

for cool cats and dogs…
A Miller & Kreisel “Volkswoofer” V-2B Subwoofer — that once vibrated the walls of many audiophiles’ homes and studios back in the eighties — is given new life as the ultimate Woofer House. This very cool trapezoidal structure is now a cozy retreat for your very cool pet AND a very cool table at the side of your bed or favorite chair.

During the process of repurposing, every effort has been made to make this piece as safe and comfortable as possible. All the mechanics of the subwoofer have been removed and marred surfaces have been filled and sanded. The Woofer House now boasts upholstered walls, floor, and ceiling, and removable super-soft fleece pillows that can be arranged (or removed) to suite your pet’s personal taste. Also included is the subwoofer’s original grill cover that easily snaps on and off.

The piece weighs approx. 32 lbs. The round opening measures 11″ in diamter. Inside measurements: 13″ x 16.5″ floor; 14.5″ from floor to ceiling. Outside measurements: 18.75″ x 15″ at widest point; 18″ high; the top measures 15″ x 14.5″. Rubber feet are attached to protect your floors.

The Woofer House is in very good vintage condition. It is not appropriate for outdoor use.

Your purchase will be shipped within the U.S. via UPS ground and it will be insured. I am also happy to ship outside the U.S. Please convo for quote.

[Please note that I work with authentic, used, vintage pieces, not reproductions. Although I strive to use pieces that are true to their original condition, there may be minimal wear marks or factory imperfections, especially on pieces that were never meant to be seen, such as speaker parts.]

Vintage Reel to Reel Tape RTS – iPhone Dock

If like me you long for the days of the reel to reel this should visually satisfy the part of the brain that has such cravings.

For the music lover, the tech geek, or the lover of awesome vintage “stuff”
These vintage 5 3/4″ Reel to Reel Tapes have been rescued and re-purposed as a working iPhone and iPod docking station.

Note: Every tape is different, the photo is just one example. Yours may not be the same, but it will be equally cool and vintage!

Just plug the included USB cable to your computer to charge and sync any iPhone (including the 4S) or iPod (excluding the Shuffle).

Be the envy of your office, recording studio, or neighborhood!

Audiowood Barky Turntable

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wood. Wood who? Woodn’t you like to know!

Barky is a high-quality turntable made with a solid ash round, quality Rega parts kit, heavy glass platter and Rega RB303 tonearm. It includes a pre-mounted Rega Bias Cartridge (not shown), adjustable solid brass spike legs, and is finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste wax. Each Barky is somewhat unique.

Barky has been seen in Metropolitan Home, Zink, California Home and Design, Velvet (Italy), Daily Mail (UK) and in dozens of online design mags. and blogs.

Barky is available with an external power supply that stabilizes power input and speed control, and allows pushbutton speed changes from 33 to 45. This power supply is $200 extra, and is required for countries with 230V power. International buyers with 230V power will still need to provide their own “table top transformer” to allow use of a US style 60hz plug, or purchase a 230VAC/24VDC transformer from your country-specific Rega dealer

Shipping is $30 in the Continental US, $100 everywhere else. International buyers need to specify voltage and are responsible for any customs fees assessed in their home country.

This table is a custom order, and should ship in less than 2-3 weeks. If in stock, Barkies will be shipped in 1-2 days. Buyers in Florida will need to pay 7.5% sales tax per Florida law.

Payment forms: major credit cards, paypal, or USPS money order.

Barky comes with a 1 year warranty from Audiowood, protecting against defects in manufacture and assembly. The cartridge is not included in this warranty

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Audiowood via phone at 850-272-4700 (Central). Other info available at audiowood.com

AfterShokz – Safer Headphones that Bypass the Eardrum…

If years of cranking up your tunes to sky-high decibels are taking their toll, the electronics wizards at AfterShokz have created a better way to rock out by bypassing your eardrums completely. The Syracuse, NY-based company, which debuted a trio of headphones at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, uses bone-conduction technology to deliver sound waves directly to your inner ear. Because AfterShockz doesn’t drown out ambient noise like conventional earphones can, you’ll be able to carry on a conversation, pay attention to passing cars, or maintain awareness of your surroundings while your music plays, all while keeping the peace between you and your fellow man (or woman).

The Technology Behind AfterShokz

Powered by patent pending military special ops bone conduction technology, AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones offer consumers a more comfortable, healthier, and safer listening experience. Unlike conventional headphones and earbuds that use the eardrums to transmit sound, Aftershokz headphones sit comfortably in front of the ear and utilize bone conduction technology to deliver stereophonic sound through the listener’s cheekbones to the inner ear. This enables anyone participating in an activity – jogging, biking, skateboarding, hiking, gaming – to stay connected to both what they are listening to and the outside world.

How Bone Conduction Works

Most of what we hear is due to sound waves traveling through the air to the eardrum, which then converts the sound waves to vibrations and transmits them to the inner ear. Sound waves can also get to the inner ear through direct vibration of the bones in the head which carry the vibrations directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrums. This is how a person hears his or her own voice, and also how whales hear. This pathway of sound is known as

bone conduction.

Ludwig van Beethoven, the 18th century composer who was almost completely deaf, tried a technique developed earlier by Giovanni Filippo Ingrassia and discovered he could hear music through his jawbone by biting a rod attached to his piano. The same principles of bone conduction are what make AfterShokz headphones work. (For more information on hearing and bone conduction.