Nigel One & Joel Oliver “Inclusion EP”

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Traxsource Exclusive Pre-release!!!
Nigel One & Joel Oliver “Inclusion EP”

Intimate Venues label head Nigel One and good friend Joel Oliver return for their 2nd joint EP with this deep 2 tracker. This one is titled Inclusion after their monthly label event in Kalamazoo Michigan, which hosts some of the best dj’s from Detroit, Chicago, Kalamazoo and beyond. Since they began working together about a year ago they have been cranking out tunes and rocking events together like crazy. Inclusion is a deep vocal affair with smooth electric piano, a solid bassline, creative sample chops and some lazy vocals from Nigel One. They also provide an instrumental version for those who aren’t feeling the singing. The flip is ‘Eye Get Up’ a deep beatdown track fit to rock any basement party or late night underground party. These two don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon with a busy tour schedule, first international bookings and a list of unreleased material to keep the releases rolling. This dynamic duo is determined to bring their sound to the house music world and share a little bit of Kalamazoo with the masses.

Written and produced by: Nigel One & Joel Oliver
Vocals: Nigel One Backing vocals: Joel Oliver
Mastered by Jaymz Nylon
Executive Producer Nigel One aka Nigel Geiger

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Traxsource Exclusive Pre-release!!! Wurzelholz ”Nothing Is True EP”

Traxsource Exclusive Pre-release!!!
Wurzelholz ”Nothing Is True EP” – Intimate Venues Recordings

Early Support by:
Louis Hughes, Ray Seiler, Ian Green, Adam Warped, Manny Cuevas aka DJ M-Traxxx, Steve’Butch’ Jones, Futurewife, DJ Bonehead, Vinny Da Vinci, Sunshine Kellerkind, Dustin Kinney (5 Magazine), Human Mode, Peter Borg etc…

Wurzelholz, known under his real name Alexander Riedel is a music producer and musician living in Jena, Germany. Melody and groove are two important fundamental parts for the music he likes to listen to but also for his own productions. His music is influenced by his love of playing live instruments and classic jazz music but also the 90s New York house sound and the Cologne-based label Kompakt. In 2016 he released his first EP via the label Intimate Venues in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Written and produced by: Wurzelholz
Mastered by: Jaymz Nylon
Executive Producer: Nigel Geiger aka Nigel One
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Traxsource Exclusive Promo Pre-Release – Ancient Deep Shell Strippings EP

Music Connects us!!!
Traxsource Exclusive Promo Pre-Release
Ancient Deep Shell Strippings EP on Intimate Venues Recordings…

Early Support:
Carlos Corcho, Thomas Pudell/Black Alley
,Kev Cruz, DJ Manos, Peter Borg, Max Pela, Kevin McCray aka Kevin M., JoonyaT (BackCornerRadio), Mr.Dereloid, Ian Green (In The Green House), Massimiliano Caporale, Jason Angola (DJ Angola), Luv Boutique/Brandon Bass, Vinny Da Vinci, Harry Ruffner, Yogi (Solid Garage Toronto)…
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Traxsource Exclusive Pre-Release Milklord “Hood Party EP”

IVR017 artwork-ref
Intimate Venues does it again with this funky 2 tracker. Label owner Nigel ‘One’ Geiger calls on his young midwest homeboy milklord to make his house music debut delivering us 2 heavy joints of funky house music. milklord is barely old enough to drink in an American bar but you’d think he came up in the 90’s listening to his mature use of samples and drum layering. The first cut ‘Hood Party’ comes in steady and hits hard, showing milklord’s chopping skills and defined mixing abilities. Close your eyes and you’ll find yourself grillin and chillin on a hot midwest evening and everyone’s cutting a rug in the grass. This is a certified spring/summer bbq affair. On the flip we get a nice dose of smooth funk with ‘Understand’. This jam is smooth but crunchy, subtle but feisty. It’s definitely a nod to the late 90’s Chicago whether that was intentional or not. It’s exciting to hear younger producers breathing new life into traditional midwest house sounds and we hope this is not milklord’s one and only offering to the house music world. We think he has a lot more up his sleeve though.

Written and produced by: milklord
Executive Producer Nigel “One” Geiger
Mastered by Jaymz Nylon at Nylon Trax HQ

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Traxsource Exclusive Pre-release!!! Detach Feat. Jowin – “Trade”

IVR016 Detach Artwork final REF
Featured on both the Hype and Soulful House Essentials Charts…
Traxsource Exclusive Pre-release!!!
Detach Feat. Jowin – “Trade”

Early Support by:
DJ Angola, Peter Borg, Michael Stukes, Austen van der Bleek, Expanded People, Leandro P., Futurewife, VonFunkhauser, Adam Warped, Ian Green, Bruce Qureshi, Tenor City, Hippie Torrales, Massimiliano Caporale, Jean Dovy, Mr. Mack etc…

Young Miami producer Detach linked up with Atlanta based artist Jowin to bring us this gem. The original mix offers a deep house stepper with a future r&b feel that is a perfect blend of lush production and smooth vocals. London based beatsmith Chocky brings us his ‘hypnodub’ mix. Chocky’s mix is a deep moody groove sure to keep hips swinging on the late night tip. Nigel One and Joel Oliver return to Intimate Venues for remix duty with a funky electro boogie mix to get the party jumping right. Intimate Venues is very proud to debut Detach and welcome Jowin in to the house music world. We like it deep, we keep it real.

Written and produced by: Detach
Co-Written and Vocals by: Jowin
Executive Producer Nigel “One” Geiger
Mastered by Jaymz Nylon

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