*Limited Edition CD available for Preorder – IndySoul “The Journey” LP


*Limited Edition CD available for Preorder
IndySoul “The Journey” LP
Format: Double CD and Digitally
Label: Nylon Recordings
Worldwide Release Date: April 7, 2017

In Montreal, Quebec back in the late 1980’s Carl Guerard aka IndySoul’s first involvement with music was as a bass guitar player in a local post-punk band. A couple of years later IndySoul picked up a Roland Emulator keyboard and started an Electronic leaning band with a friend. IndySoul was now hooked on Electronic Music’s driving beat accompanied by it’s melodic, abstract and cutting edge sounds.

In 1989 IndySoul fell in love with then underground phenomenon called House Music. His love for House Music is even stronger today with the release of his debut 14 track full-length LP entitled “The Journey” on Nylon Recordings.

‘The Journey” takes you to the spacious outer limits of Deep and Soulful House that guide you through a range of sounds from the touches of Jazz to the chunky and melodic soul of the Dance-floor. Also included is a downtempo gem tucked away for you to find as you explore this rhythmical trip.

IndySoul “The Journey” includes collaborator Miss D (Daphne LaVie) that co-wrote and performed “In The Spotlight”, “Take Me Higher” and “Feeling Love”. A rework of the 1990’s hit by Fred Jorio’s Lectroluv “Stormy Dreams” is also featured.

Listen out for singles from the IndySoul “The Journey” LP that will also feature remixes from some of the House Music’s great talents.

Written and Produced by: IndySoul
Additional Credits: Miss D (Daphne LaVie) Co writers on tracks: “In The Spotlight”,“Take Me Higher” and “Feeling Love”. Stormy Dreams was originally composed by Lectroluv (Fred Jorio/Jorio Music ASCAP) on Eightball Records
Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Studios
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2017 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax

Amazing early support by some of our industry tastemakers:
Eman, Ian Friday, Lou Alvarez, Expanded People,
Massimiliano Caporale, Tenor City, Futurewife, Bart Ricardo, DJ Karina, Headset Records, Michael Terzian aka DJ Sinister, Timmy Richardson, Todd Love, Hippie Torrales, Lars LB,
Vinny at House Afrika, DeepinRadio, Adres Duke, Hector Romero, Yogi, Aja, the Legendary Robert Owens.
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Does music help express your feelings and thoughts? New Release – Blames Brown “Space Time and Rhythms” EP


Does music help express your feelings and thoughts?

A Nylon Trax Worldwide Release… Nylon Trax Shop, TraxsourceBeatport, Junodownload, iTunes etc…

Blames Brown “Space Time and Rhythms” EP transports us well beyond our galaxy to the sonic landscape of the title track that is both soothing and hypnotic.
‘Deeper Love’ has roughness and a sensitivity about it that will instantly warm dance floors throughout the globe. ‘It Feels Like’ is uplifting and feels familiar yet fresh at the same time. Closing out the EP is a cosmic affair with Jaymz Nylon’s Reshape of “Deeper Love’ that gets into your head to capture your heart and soul.
Blames Brown says that the “Space Time and Rhythms EP”, “was inspired by the grandness found in the small things that are usually taken for granted. Also in the quest for inner peace, self-understanding and the desire to just be free, mentality , physically and spiritually”.

Written and Produced by: Zeric Nichols aka Blames Brown
Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Studios
Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis
Executive producer: Jaymz Nylon
(p) & (c) 2017 Nylon Recordings/Nylon Trax

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“Conversations” w/ Nylon Trax Artist – Hoshin


Nylon Trax has started “Conversations” a question and answer interview featuring Nylon Trax artists and collaborators.
“Conversions” proposes the same 10 questions to each artist but the focal point is not on the questions but what lies in their in-depth and inspiring answers.
Nylon Trax “Conversations”, putting a face on House Music…
Come get to know Hoshin the amazing Artist and Nylon Trax Family member!

Jaymz Nylon:  Would you please give the reader a little family background i.e.; Place of Birth, Current City you based in etc…
Hoshin:  Born in Montclaire, NJ. I was raised mainly on Whidbey Island, with three beautiful years in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. I moved to Seattle to study music at Seattle Pacific University. I’ve been here ever since.
Jaymz Nylon:  What are your short and long term goals?
Hoshin:  Short term goals: to utterly and completely enjoy each day. Long term goals: to build a body of work in music and fine art.

Jaymz Nylon:  Passions and/or interest aside from music?
Hoshin:  Painting has always been an interest of mine. I’ve done several large abstract paintings, and intend to make many, many more. I am also interested in natural medicine, and am exploring a career in Structural Integration and body work.
Jaymz Nylon:  Who has inspired you and why? It could be Artists, Bands, Activists, Politicians, Family Members, Teachers etc…
Hoshin:  I’ve been inspired by so many female musicians, and I’ve learned so much from them… I love Erykah Badu for the authenticity, personality, and style that is so infused in her art. Sade has been a picture of unwavering excellence, elegance, and poise. Nina Simone’s untamable spirit and raw emotion just fills me up. I love female musicians. There’s something about them.

Jaymz Nylon:  What message or advice you would like to give to music consumers/fans?
Hoshin:  Let music educate you, make you feel, and help you live, but remember that you are the most dangerous, most victorious, and most fulfilled when you live into who you are, not who you think you should be.
Jaymz Nylon:  Would you say that you lead a well-balanced life if so how do you stay centered? If not what changes would you make to achieve your desired result? Examples; Read more, exercise, better sleeping habits, more time with loved ones etc…
Hoshin:  I love to grow. In growing, balance looks more like flow; it looks like movement and steadiness in chaos. My faith does that for me. Right now I’m learning to capitalize on mornings— to create routine and habits that set me up for the rest of the day. That means that I’m eating well, listening to my physical body, and allowing the processing that I’ve done in my sleep to manifest on paper so that I can move on.
Jaymz Nylon:  Name 3 or more of your favorite self-produced/written tracks. Artist Name “Track Name” Label.
Hoshin:  I work exclusively in collaboration with others. I love it. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks that I’ve co-written:
The Cellar Door- “Clockwork Heart”
Cold Water Theater- “Never Have to Worry”

Jaymz Nylon:   Name 3 or more of your favorite tracks produced by others. Artist Name “Track Name” Label.
Hoshin:  1. Hiatus Kaitote- “Laputa” Flying Buddha Records
2. Robert Glasper Experiment- “Afro Blue” Blue Note Records 3. Little Dragon “Constant Surprises” Peacefrog Records
Jaymz Nylon:  Where would you like to live and why, City, Beach or Rural(Farm Area) etc…?
Hoshin:  As someone who grew up on an island, surrounded by sea, forest, field, and marsh— I want it all. I cherish the time I had on Whidbey… I enjoyed the beauty of the land, and the city was just an hour away.
Jaymz Nylon: What is more important, the sharing of music or the format in which music is shared?
Hoshin:  The sharing— it makes the music come alive. Art needs witnesses. Artists need witnesses.

Nigel One & Joel Oliver “Inclusion EP”

Which mix is your favorite?
Traxsource Exclusive Pre-release!!!
Nigel One & Joel Oliver “Inclusion EP”

Intimate Venues label head Nigel One and good friend Joel Oliver return for their 2nd joint EP with this deep 2 tracker. This one is titled Inclusion after their monthly label event in Kalamazoo Michigan, which hosts some of the best dj’s from Detroit, Chicago, Kalamazoo and beyond. Since they began working together about a year ago they have been cranking out tunes and rocking events together like crazy. Inclusion is a deep vocal affair with smooth electric piano, a solid bassline, creative sample chops and some lazy vocals from Nigel One. They also provide an instrumental version for those who aren’t feeling the singing. The flip is ‘Eye Get Up’ a deep beatdown track fit to rock any basement party or late night underground party. These two don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon with a busy tour schedule, first international bookings and a list of unreleased material to keep the releases rolling. This dynamic duo is determined to bring their sound to the house music world and share a little bit of Kalamazoo with the masses.

Written and produced by: Nigel One & Joel Oliver
Vocals: Nigel One Backing vocals: Joel Oliver
Mastered by Jaymz Nylon
Executive Producer Nigel One aka Nigel Geiger

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