Traktor Kontrol S8 – THE FUTURE OF DJING



Experience a new way to mix and perform with TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 – a 4-channel stand-alone mixer, professional audio interface, and enhanced performance decks for ultimate control over the included TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO software. Touch-sensitive controls and high-res displays deliver DJ workflow that is truly cutting-edge.


Get physical with the music. Touch-sensitive knobs, faders, and LED-guided touch strips bring TRAKTOR software to life on vivid full-color displays, keeping you focused on performance – not on your laptop. The S8’s touch-and-see workflow means you connect with your music – and with your crowd.




Two high-res color displays put TRAKTOR software in plain sight. Browsing, track info, effect, and filter values come into view directly in front of you. Keep an eye on the running track’s ultra-crisp vector waveform. Or access Remix Decks in full view.


Create your signature sound with responsive Remix Deck controls. Intuitively mix in sounds with 4+4 channel Remix Deck faders. Plus, live capture and trigger your own samples and loops using 16 color-coded performance pads.

Your style. Your sound. This is enhanced DJ performance.



Connect anything your setup needs – TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 boasts the most expansive connectivity on a DJ controller yet. The on-board 4-channel mixer features unique wear-resistant faders that offer unprecedented durability.
Plus, TRAKTOR Mode buttons on every mixer channel switch between TRAKTOR and stand-alone mode – ideal for handing the night over to the next DJ.


TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 is built for seamless control of the included TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2* – the choice DJ software of countless professionals worldwide. Get in-depth control of your music with up to four software decks, customizable interface, timecode media, and advanced track library management.




GPS Brogues Can Actually Guide You Home After A Hard Night of Partying…

Via: Refinery29 By Jonathan M. Square
Never again will you have to aimlessly wander home after a night on the town. Inspired by the ruby slippers that transported Dorothy Gale back to Kansas in The Wizard of Oz, British designer Dominic Wilcox created a pair of red-soled brogues with a GPS embedded in the sole. With a literal click of your heels, the “No Place Like Home GPS Shoes” (yes, they’re really called that) can guide your feet to any desired locale on earth.

After the wearer uploads an address via a USB drive and custom mapping software, the GPS technology can be activated by tapping the heels together. LED lights on the tip of the right shoe guide the wearer in the appropriate direction, while the left communicates wirelessly with an antenna to track your progress.

Now, we’re just waiting for Wilcox to design a pair of wedges or stilettos (preferably covered in red sequins) with the same technology, so we can make our transformation into a tech-savvy Dorothy complete.

The Real SPL Meter App – Perfecting Your Studio’s Sound…

When setting up your home studio it’s best to get the best sound as possible.
A SPL Meter is a device used to measure sound loudness; often used to measure and balance the loudness of each speaker in a home theater system or recording studio to “tune” a room.
The Real SPL Meter is the most accurate Sound Level Pressure Meter and
now it’s available for FREE for a limited time as an iPhone App.

The most accurate Sound Level Pressure Meter has finally arrived on the App Store!


Available only for iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, fine tuned on each device provides +/- 0.5db divergence compared to a professional SPL Meter.

An upcoming update is under development, which will offer SPL(B), SPL(C) and SPL(D) weighting. Metering history, statistics and many more will be included.

Pitch – Touring Grade Midi Controller With High-Resolution Pitch Faders…

Pitch is a touring grade midi controller with high-resolution pitch faders and integrated USB hub.

Pitch is a class compliant freely mappable USB MIDI controller. Pitch is a perfect complement to your Kontrol X1 based Traktor setup for those difficult to sync tracks and acapellas. Or configure Pitch as a 2-channel MIDI internal mixer or effects controller.


Serato Scratch users can use Pitch with similar functionality or use as an alternative to control discs and vinyl.

Pitch can also be used with Ableton Live or in the studio with any class compliant MIDI controller software.

Slate Digital – Virtual Tape Machines Plugin…

Digital recording is now the standard for professional music production. But many engineers and musicians long for the days of analog recording, and for good reason. Analog Tape Machines have a SOUND. Big, fat, warm, deep, rich, and exciting are just some of the terms used to describe what recording onto a piece of magnetic tape sounds like. Most of all, tape is more musical.

To capture the sound of tape is to capture a living, breathing sound that dynamically reacts to the music going on to it. Slate Digital Chief Technology Officer Fabrice Gabriel utilized his electrical engineering degree as a foundation for his comprehensive study of the physical processes that occur when recording to analog tape through a tape machine. What began with science led to Fabrice’s discovery of the seemingly magical properties of tape and inspired him to create his most advanced, dynamic algorithms yet. Two industry-standard machines were precisely modeled. What followed was a year of critical listening and algorithm tweaking, with some help from the expert ears of Slate Digital CEO, Steven Slate.

The result is the Virtual Tape Machines plugin. With models of both a 2 inch 16 track from NRG Recording, and a ½ inch 2 track machine from Howie Weinberg Mastering, the VTM will give your mixes an absolutely authentic analog vibe that will take your mixes to the next level. With added dimension, fatness, depth, and warmth, you’ll wonder how you ever mixed without it!


Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere – One of the Best Software Synths

After many years of development, Spectrasonics is proud to release the brand new flagship virtual instrument Omnisphere. This epic ‘Power Synth’ breaks completely new sonic ground by combining a wide variety of hybrid realtime synthesis techniques, an epic library of remarkable ‘Psychoacoustic’ sounds, and many innovative features that have never been seen before in any hardware or software synthesizer. The new instrument is the first to be based on Spectrasonics newly developed STEAM Engine. 

“This is truly an Epic project,” said Eric Persing, Founder and Creative Director of Spectrasonics. “We have been working for many, many years; sampling unique sounds, experimenting, specifying the synthesis features and building the STEAM Engine to run it all. It’s been a very exciting process involving our team of software engineers, sound designers, musicians, and graphic artists from all over the world. We’ve been very deliberate in making it easy to use, and yet extremely powerful. Omnisphere is our new flagship synthesizer, and points the way to all our future virtual instruments. We are thrilled to offer a new product that will have a host of expansion capabilities in the future.”
Although this new synth is extremely powerful, Omnisphere is designed with a unique user interface containing progressive layers of ‘zooming’ to accommodate the complete range of users – from musicians who just want to be inspired by the sounds and customize them in an easy way, to expert synthesists and the most advanced sound designers. Users can go deeper and deeper into the software and progress in their synthesis knowledge by simply exploring additional levels of sound manipulation options. To make sure that all users get the most out of the new capabilities, Omnisphere includes an extensive set of video tutorials and synthesis lessons taught by the renown Spectrasonics sound design team. 

Omnisphere offers a host of hybrid synthesis and new control capabilities including Variable Waveshaping DSP synthesis, Granular synthesis, Timbre Shifting, FM, polyphonic Ring Modulation, high-resolution streaming Sample Playback, Harmonia™, Dual Multimode Filter structure, Chaos Envelopes™, an advanced Unison mode, and the innovative Flex-Mod™ modulation routing system – to name a few. 

The huge core library of Omnisphere is filled with years of creative sampling experiments and thousands of inspiring patches. Spectrasonics has pioneered several brand-new types of sampling for the core library of this instrument, including unique “Psychoacoustic” sounds and soundsources created with a new Composite Morphing Technique (CMT) – which morphs the harmonic characteristics of one instrument to another. As a bonus, a section of the core library is also devoted to representing the best of Spectrasonics award-winning sample libraries. When all of these organic core library soundsources are combined with the synthesis power of the STEAM engine, the sounds become “alive” in a truly dynamic and expressive way. 

Among the many unique features this new multitimbral synth offers are its flexible arpeggiators with the innovative Groove Lock™ integration with Stylus RMX – allowing the arpeggiator’s pattern to instantly groove with the feel of the RMX drum loop; Live Mode for transitionless patch switching and layering, Stack Mode for powerful performance mapping; and integrated modulatable FX Racks. 

Omnisphere is also the successor to Spectrasonics’ popular Atmosphere® instrument, and contains enhanced versions of all the classic Atmosphere sounds. However, the brand new core library in Omnisphere is 10-times the size of Atmosphere and features thousands of completely new and different sounds. 

There is an upgrade for all Atmosphere customers, available from Spectrasonics Techshop. 

The culmination of many years of development, Omnisphere is an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. Omnisphere brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will inspire a lifetime of exploration. 

Omnisphere is now shipping, and has an MSRP of $499 US and €379 Euro. 

Omnisphere is cross-platform compatible with Apple Macintosh OS X 10.5 and higher as a native Universal Binary and also with Microsoft Windows 7/Vista. Audio Units, VST, and RTAS plug-in formats are supported for compatibility with all major host software. 

• 2.4 GHz or higher processor
• 2GB RAM minimum, 4GB or more recommended
• Dual Layer compatible DVD-ROM drive
• 50GB of free hard drive space
Mac Users:
• OSX 10.5 Leopard or higher
• Intel dual core processor or higher
• AU, VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS capable host software
• Audio Unit plugin requires host with support for “Cocoa” based plugins
• Native 64-bit and 32-bit on OSX
• 6GB of RAM or more if using the Sample File Server
Windows Users:
• VST 2.4 or higher, RTAS capable host software
• Microsoft Windows 7/Vista
• Native 64-bit and 32-bit on Windows

iZotope Nectar – Complete Vocal Suite

Nectar makes your vocal and dialog recording sound professional. With a complete set of 11 vocal production effects combined in a single plug-in, Nectar treats your voice to immediate results.
Features include real-time and offline pitch correction with a manual note editor, breath control, gate, compression, saturation, EQ, de-esser, doubler, limiter, reverb, delay and tons of iZotope’s award-winning Style presets.

Nectar’s Styles feature dozens of professionally-designed effects chains that let you rapidly audition your voice in a variety of settings and genres. Quickly get the 60s Motown sound, the early 90s grunge rock sound, a radio-ready podcasting sound, a subtle jazz vocal or a modern pop sound—everything from delicate improvements to highly-produced robotic pitch effects. Nectar also lets you dive under the hood and adjust extensive parameters if you’re looking for more control.
Get started by selecting one of Nectar’s Styles and tweaking high-level controls like Clarity, Warmth and Sparkle. From there, narrow in on the vocal sound you want or experiment with the advanced modules to create a new sound. Either way, Nectar is designed with both the beginner and professional in mind—you choose the level of detail you want to control.
Download Nectar and get the perfect vocal sound today.

Mastering in Your Home Studio…

Mastering is just as important as creating the music.You want your music to sound as best as possible in a multitude of listening environments. I had no idea of what mastering involved in my beginning years as a young producer, with my shear lack of knowledge I relied on record labels to do the mastering for me. In the current state of the music industry musicians are self releasing music and need mastering solutions that suite their immediate needs.

I have just installed Wave Complete V8 and look forward to experiencing my own lil’ mastering session in the near future.
But remember Waves or any other plug-ins are just tools not mastering, mastering is the process of making your music sound the best as possible.

Below I have added a video from ?Home Recording Boot Camp TV? and this cat totally breaks down starting with the history of mastering. I also added another video that keeps things really showing you another side of the mastering coin…

?Mastering Music: Professional vs Amatuer?

Jaymz Nylon Back To Raw with NI Maschine…

Sometimes to much technology can take us away from the raw emotion and the instant need to be artistically feed. With that said I picked up Native Instruments Maschine a few days ago and love it!!! Years ago I sold my MPC and Roland SP-808 that was used on my first Album “Afrotech” on Irma records back in 2000 it’s now such a pleasure to to get back to raw with Maschine.
I am totally smitten with it’s power, grace and ease. So excited that I have started to record the sequel to “Afrotech”, “Afrotech 2.0″…

Create tight rhythms, harmonies and melodies in moments with MASCHINE – the highly enjoyable instrument that combines a pattern-based sequencer, professional sampler, multi-effect unit and VST/AU plug-in host. Everything is intuitively controllable via the fully integrated hardware – once you touch the tactile controller the fun and intuitive workflow takes over, allowing you to stay focused on what matters – the music.

MASCHINE integrates easily into your computer-based studio set-up. Use the hardware controller to find, load and play sounds, automate parameters and arrange patterns on the fly. Combine this with the ability to control and sequence all of your external hardware instruments, or switch to MIDI mode to control other software.

After quickly and intuitively developing your ideas, drag and drop your patterns as MIDI or audio files directly into your DAW to finalize and mix your production. You’ll soon realize MASCHINE is a powerhouse capable of revolutionizing the way you make music.

MASCHINE is fast becoming the ultimate performance tool for creative musicians. The MASCHINE controller is super-sturdy yet easily portable, the highly responsive pads and endless rotary knobs are addictively playable, while the two backlit displays keep you informed of what’s going on – perfect for any club or stage.

Use MASCHINE as an instrument for performing your own tracks, or sync it with other gear like TRAKTOR PRO 2 to add more dynamics to your live set.

MASCHINE comes with over 6 GB of ready-to-use, professional and inspiring sounds. Create rhythms and melodies right away with the included drum kits, one-shot samples, basses, synths and acoustic instruments – all fully tagged for easy browsing.

MASCHINE now also includes KOMPLETE ELEMENTS worth $59 / 49 €, providing more than 1,000 stunning sounds drawn from the flagship KOMPLETE 7, opening a world of styles and flavors ready for use in your productions.